Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Best Story I Never Told

Tonight my muse is flighty. She's here and she has lots of things she would allow me to write, but she can't seem to settle down and tell me just one story at a time.

We're still working on something, and it's coming along, at least my writer friends think so, but my brain is stalled. In my mind, it is written and wonderful. On the page, not so much.

I read somewhere recently that most writers envision their next project as the best thing they have ever written, that is until they actually sit down and begin. Then, the project turns into work and the words don't flow easily and that beautiful great American Novel, or the prize winning short story somehow falls apart.

That's what's happening to me tonight. The concept of my story is wonderful. I imagine that if I could craft it just so, I could transport my readers in time. I could make them anxious for my main character. They would feel her desperation too, if only I could chose the right words.

You see, it's a wonderful story. The best one I've ever imagined. If only I could just get it down on paper. If only...

Until next time.


Friday, April 18, 2008

I Wanna Tell You A Story!

My muse and I are at war. I have a story that I so want to write, but she's teasing me tonight. She's revealed the story to me. I know how it goes, I know the characters and I know just how desperate they are, but that's it!

So far today I've managed to write about three paragraphs. That's it. Now, my muse (the bad girl that she can be sometimes) is laughing at me. If she would only help me write some dialogue, or some description, but for some reason she thinks I should do this all by myself!

But wait! I can hear her in the back of my mind. She's telling me to be patient, slow down and observe what she's about to show me. She wants me to stay in the scene long enough to bring out all the details.

That's what so many writers fail to do - stay with the scene long enough to learn all they can about what they want to say. So often we are in such a rush to get our story out that we wind up with pages and pages of "this happened and then this happened, followed by this and this." which doesn't make for a layered tale.

So, I think I'll go draw up a hot bubble bath, relax and watch the little movie that my muse tells me she has all set up for me. Then, more than likely, I'll pull out some paper and a pen and write something. You know, sometimes getting away from the computer makes the ideas come more naturally.

I know one thing for sure. This story is going to pull at me for a while and maybe that's a good thing.

Until next time.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Count Down to Another Life

Hello again. It has been awhile since I've been here but I have a good excuse. Life got in the way. Not that that's a bad thing, but sometimes the mundane encroaches on what we want to do with ourselves.

I'm looking forward to the end of this month with anticipation and a little dread. I'll be leaving my full time job and taking on the life of a writer. Twice as much time, not nearly as much money.

Notice that I've added another book cover to the art work here. Isn't it beautiful? I'll be working on another book for the Dark Tarot series by Tease Publishing. No release date in sight yet, but I suspect it will be sometime next year.

My first one, Bring Me To Life, is with the editors now, so hopefully, I'll be able to announce the release date soon. First e-book and then print. It's very exciting!

There's only one problem right now with this writing thing... my muse has decided to visit, but she's brought a very strange tale with her and it isn't at all what I'm supposed to be working on. I've decided that I can't deny her, though, so I'll be taking a little side trip. As she reveals the story to me, I'll try to keep you posted.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Please check out Beginning on 4-15, there will be daily posts that will let you enter contests to win neat prizes. I'll be posting there first, so please pop over there to see what's up.

Until next time.