Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Muse Plays Tag

I've been tagged by a fellow blogger. The game requires that I list 6 unspectacular things about myself. Where do I begin?

I made my list, so here they are.

1. I'm lazy. I have to force myself to do housework. I absolutely hate it. Love the results though.

2. I play entirely too much computer solitaire. But, I love putting things in order.

3. I don't make friends easily.

4. I LOVE rainy, stormy days.

5. I am woefully lacking in computer skills.

6. I'm stubborn.

Now, my instructions are to tag 6 more people. Since I don't make friends that easily, coming up with 6 bloggers to tag was kind of difficult, and now that I've tagged them, I hope they will remain my friends!

So, here they are:

Gary: www.gdenton.blogspot.com

Victor: www.darkpiranhas.blogspot.com

Sheryl: www.wordproverb.blogspot.com

Sue: www.sueswriteon.blogspot.com

Kelli: www.ramblingsatrandom.blogspot.com

Chrissa: www.pollenandsting.blogspot.com

Consider all of yourselves tagged. Oh, and check out Dorlana's blog, www.dorlana.blogspot.com

You'll find some very interesting Supernatural Fairy Tales there!

Until next time,