Monday, January 31, 2011

Life Changes and Moving On

Hello everyone.

I see it has been nearly two years since I've posted! Wow. Time has a way of going forward with or without you doesn't it?

I have been moving forward, too, although not always in the path I had envisioned.

Since my last post here I've been struggling with some health issues that have sometimes taken the best part of me. I'm learning to deal with that and am happy to say am better able to cope with it now. My husband is very supportive and I'm grateful for him.

I've been writing some, although not like I had planned in retirement. Don't kid yourself, once you finally get what you've always wanted (in my case moving and not having a regular job taking all my time)sometimes it isn't quite what you expect! Some adjustments to my thinking have been in order!

But - I've discovered a "new" me and writing is still in my future.

I also want to mention that my contract with Tease Publishing has expired, so my two books "Bring Me To Life" and "More Than A Lifetime" are no longer available through them. I have other plans for these two and hopefully some other stories I've been working on.

I do want to thank all the people at Tease for giving me my very first opportunity to be a published author.

So, now - forward with life, and story telling!

Until next time.