Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Muse Makes It, Finally!

Today, I'm so excited! The one thing that all writers yearn for has finally happened to me!

My first ever book of my own has been published. More Than A Lifetime is now available in ebook at www.allromanceebooks.com

It's a novellete, which means that it isn't very long. Just about the right length for an afternoon of escape. So, if you're feeling like you'd like to get away from it all and mix in a little romance too, then check it out. The muse and I would be so pleased if you did!

Until next time.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Muse and the Music

I've posted here before about how much music plays a part in my writing. Well, it has happened again.

A friend of mine does his writing exactly backwards of mine. He writes a story, then composes music to go with it. I wish I could be so talented as to actually create music too, but alas, I'm not. I simply get my inspiration from a tune.

I listen, formulate a story and then go off to write it - in complete silence.

This same friend recently wrote a beautiful piece that has no story of his own attached. I wasn't ready to go off on the tangent of a new story, but once I heard it, there was no stopping the muse, so off I went.

It is a haunting melody that has inspired a fairy tale type story in my head.

The music's title is "Stories in the Glen" The artist is Gary Denton.

Check out his blog "A Fictional Mind" at www.gdenton.blogspot.com

Now, I'm off to finish the first draft of this story. The muse and the music are with me.

Until Next Time