Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Review

My story "More Than A Lifetime" has been reviewed! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement.

Here's the link to read my review and reviews of other books, too.

"More Than A Lifetime" will be part of the Tease Publishing Festival Anthology, available in print form soon. I'll let you know when and where you can buy the book.

In the meantime, if you'd like to read "More Than A Lifetime" click on the book cover on this page and you'll be taken directly to the buy link.

Until next time.


The Answer is...Yes! Sort of..

I recently took a trip back to my old home town to visit family members and take care of some last little bits of "moving" business. I was worried about how I'd feel there.

I shouldn't have. I was calm, and I really didn't have but one or two "homesick" twinges. I longed for my own bed, though and once the trip was over, and I had made it far enough West to see the Texas Hill Country, I felt I was "home." I couldn't drive fast enough to get here!

The best thing I did during my few days in my old town was meet with my writer's group, Humble Fiction Cafe. It was so nice to see all my friends and they welcomed me back with big smiles and a few hugs. We had a great meeting, learned a lot and...we recorded a pod cast! I'll keep you posted as to when it will be available.

Moving is traumatic, even if it is something you want to do. But, yes, you can "go home" to good friends and that's what I'm happy about.

Until next time.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Can I Go Home Again?

You know the old saying "You can't go home again." And, I think that's true.

My husband and I recently moved to our place in the Texas Hill Country. We have a new home and some new furniture. A new kitchen that I'm still trying to get used to, as in "where in the heck did I put that pan?"

We've left our other home and all our family members behind in another part of Texas. We like it here, and have some new friends, but after living in my old home for 30 years, this still seems a little strange.

I'll be taking a trip back to the old place in a few days. I'm going to visit my mom and my children, sister and sister-in-law. I want to go, but part of me doesn't. I know it will seem really odd not to leave my mom's house and drive the three miles to my old home.

I'll be seeing my writer's group as well. They have a project going now that they all are very excited about. I'm struggling to try to stay connected to them and it's difficult. Even with internet and reading each other's work that way, it still seems that I'm so far away from them.

Can I go home again? I'll answer that in a later post.

Until next time.